Key roles in the Follo-line project – the biggest transportation project in Norway

The Follo-line project (“Follobanen”) consists of approximately 23 kilometers of new double-track railway from Oslo Central Station to Ski station, including the longest railway tunnel in Norway (20 kilometers). The railway tunnel will be built with two separate tunnels to ensure effective traffic management, safety and maintenance. Included in the project are both the new Follobanen railway as well as a diverted Østfoldbane railway to Oslo Central Station and a new station at Ski. This station upgrade includes six new platform tracks, a new underground walkway, a new bridge, a bus terminal and an expanded parking lot.

Follobanen is built for speeds up to 250 kilometers per hour, and is expected to cut the travel time from Oslo to Ski in half. It is also dimensioned for freight traffic. Preparations for a possible branch out to the national freight terminal at Alnabru are part of the project.

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