Priority areas

We will use our competency and our commitment to develop and upgrade infrastructure and technology vital to society, create a well-functioning healthcare system, build safe and efficient cities, and digitalise public service.


Infrastructure and technology vital to society includes the facilities and systems that are necessary to maintain a society’s critical functions, covering the population’s safety and needs. Areas include transport, energy supplies and telecommunications. Developing and upgrading these areas is important for a modern society to work.

A well-functioning healthcare system is important to all of us – through all of life’s phases. New demands and expectations presupposes a healthcare system in continous change. Developing and customising buildings, as well as implementing new technologies, will be important in order to ensure infrastructure, services and information sharing that supports tomorrow’s needs.

Cities and city regions are growing in size, extent and complexity. This increases their importance, but also their vulnerability. Well-functioning cities requires comprehensive development of social, cultural, economical and physical structures, encompassing businesses, living areas, transport and environment. City development demands insight, creativity and solution-oriented partnerships in the best interest of inhabitants and sociatey as a whole.

Norway needs a strong and efficient public sector, offering good services to inhabitants and businesses. This demands the development of digital solutions that the public sector can utilise for more efficient administrative procedures and web-based solutions.