If you’re involved with designing new developments or planning conservation areas, a full appreciation of biodiversity issues is required.

Opportunities to enhance biodiversity and to avoid potential adverse impacts need to be incorporated into project planning from the start. Atkins Ecology team has extensive experience of biodiversity issues in Ireland and this allows us to bring cost and time savings to our clients.

Ecology Services

– Desk-based studies and ecological management plans
– Liaison with statutory authorities
– Botanical surveys – from phase I habitat mapping to species specific and hedgerow surveys
– Rare plant surveys
– Fauna surveys – including bats, badgers and birds
– Freshwater ecology – river corridor surveys, river habitat surveys, macroinvertebrate sampling, protected species surveys
– Water Quality
– Freshwater Fishery Assessment
– Marine Ecology – marine biotope mapping and benthic surveys, transects and core sampling

Why us?

Have you considered the many plant and animal species that may be affected by your development? Are you aware of the requirements of the Habitats & Birds Directives? Know whether your site is within a designated protected area?

Atkins has a team of ecological experts that specialise in everything from otters to orchids, hen harriers to hares; we can apply our skills to assist in design of mitigation to meet the requirements of the statutory authorities.