Strategic evaluations and planning of a new university hospital and campus in Oslo

Atkins assists Oslo University Hospital with strategic clarification and planning of a future hospital. The hospital is being planned in collaboration with the University of Oslo and the municipality of Oslo and has a 2030 time frame. At this point in the process, the investment level is estimated at around 15-20 billion NOK.

The project is labelled “Brainstorming phase OUS – Campus Oslo” and is the first step in the planning process that will prepare the grounds for decisions with regards to which alternatives make it to the concept phase. The scope of the project indicates that it is not limited to planning the new hospital, but also includes urban development planning for the affected parts of the city.

Atkins’ work is strategically oriented and includes both design and evaluation of alternative business models for the hospital, as well as urban development plans. Atkins has been responsible for the following: