At Atkins, we help move the world forward, one step at a time. We turn the future of transport into a reality and our teams work on the biggest and most challenging projects around the world that will last for hundreds of years.

ATKINS is one of the largest Engineering Company in the world and designing tunnels and geotechnical structures in 50+ countries. The selected candidate, reporting to the Section Leader, will be part of the Geology Section of ATKINS Norge, member of a team of experts for rock tunnels and engineering and to deal with the largest topic in our Norwegian multidisciplinary, challenging and multibillionaire projects. He/She will operate in Norway, both at our Headquarter and at site or on the field but will also be part of Worldwide Atkins Community for Highway and Rail.

It requires experience and familiarities with Norwegian standards and best practices relevant for discipline, as well as the capability to work in a multidisciplinary team, providing inputs to and from other disciplines. It is necessary that the resource is endowed with 8-10 years of experience in the field and with leadership skills and multidisciplinary basic knowledge on environment and landscape.

Responsibilities and tasks for the            

  • ensure we comply with the Atkins Technical Assurance Goals and
  • ensure that we follow the Atkins Design Principles;
  • carry out a technical risk categorisation and implement appropriate mitigating actions;
  • grant the team with competence for the tasks set for its discipline;
  • provide technical direction and guidance to the team for its discipline;
  • identify the safety critical aspects of the design and cooperate to actively manage them;
  • cooperate in identifying and addressing risks and issues;
  • contribute to setting budgets and programme;
  • deliver to budget, programme, quality (and quantities when required);
  • contribute to implement the project strategy;
  • ensure the project requirements correctly reflect the client’s needs
  • detect and flag the implementation of change to the scope;
  • deliver the correct technical output to meet the project requirements;
  • seek and incorporate the advice of others where required;
  • monitor the technical risks of discipline throughout the project lifecycle;
  • set the standard for technical excellence in deliverables;
  • contribute to plan and secure the technical resources for the discipline;
  • provide coaching and guidance to more junior members of the team;
  • focus project strategy to maximise learning and development.

Skills and knowledge:

Subdisciplines and Topics – Traffic Management, Traffic analyses, Road Safety, Emergency Management.



Standards – TEM, SVV Handbooks, Banenor TRV

Questions about the position: Elisabeth Krogh, +47 906 67 243

Se Jobb