As a result of the restrictions that COVID-19 put on our lives this year, many of us took the opportunity to get back into the kitchen and fall in love with food again. Quarantine Cuisine – our first-ever employee cookbook – is an homage to some of the recipes that have comforted and inspired people from across the UK & Europe region during the pandemic.

We received more than 70 mouth-watering recipes in nine different categories and (due to limited space and time to get this out before the holidays!) have chosen 47 to feature in the book. You never know, the remaining 23 may appear as a supplement in the new year… it seems we all love a good bake.

These recipes are a fantastic representation of the diversity of our business and originate from a wide range of countries such as Nigeria, India, Dominican Republic, Poland, Greece, Bulgaria and the United Kingdom.

In the forword to this special publication, Richard Robinson, Chris Ball and Les Newman comment:

“Among the many lessons we’ve learned in 2020 is the power of food to connect people, whether it’s cooking a meal for your family, sharing a much-loved recipe with a friend, or recreating a dish that brings back happy memories. What’s more, food is a wonderful celebration of diversity and a way to learn about new cultures– something we’re pretty passionate about in SNC-Lavalin, too.

 “Here’s to a year we won’t soon forget, and all the wonderful ways it’s brought us closer together.”

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